Founder: Adam Glatt

I founded Proof Cocktail Co. in 2016. I spent years smuggling various liquors, mixers, syrups and bitters into all of the places that glass was not allowed. I questioned, "why is no one making a bar quality cocktail in a can" and that is when the light bulb went on. The need for a great cocktail, regardless of location,  should never be stifled. It was in this thought that I found my muse for Proof Cocktail Company. 

los angeles based

LA, a sun drenched land of beaches, parks, pools and endless summer parties. Is there any other possible birth place for a canned cocktail company?

At Proof, we think not! Los Angeles is truly a land of plenty with unmatched talent and providing access to the freshest ingredients in the nation. We could not be prouder to be a part of this rich and vibrant city.

Environmentally Friendly

Our Footprint

Proof Cocktail Co. is not only aware of the need for companies to be environmentally friendly, but an active participant in achieving the smallest possible ecological footprint, while researching ways to further reduce our impact on the world. All Proof cocktails are packaged in highly recyclable aluminum cans. Ingredients are locally sourced, organically produced and utilizing a regional workforce. Please recycle!

Environmentally Friendly


Single batch, Hand Blended to perfection

Single batching cocktails allows for each classic cocktail to be crafted with perfect balance, uptimum richness and allow for ultimate quality control per can. Each classic cocktail batch is cold stabilized to allow for true cocktail integration, lite filtered to remove oversized particles and slow carbonated to attain an effervescence that lasts.

Gentle mixing is used during caning to ensure that each can is the perfect realization of the overall cocktail. Samples are analyzed at each step of the process. Single tank blended in Sebastopol, CA and individually canned on-site by a "The Can Van". Like the best bars in America, attention to detail and precision crafting are key to the perfect cocktail.