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Ultra Premium

Craft Cocktails

Established in 2016, Proof Cocktail Co. has done more than recreate an old tradition: We've started a new one. Mixologist level cocktails delivered into the palm of your hand, in a highly recyclable vessel and ready to travel. All hail the can! 

Driven by a desire to enjoy "Ready to Drink" ultra premium cocktails in all of the places that glass cannot go. Hand selected, locally sourced ingredients, premium liquors and single batch production come together to create beautifully balanced, true to their heritage, classic cocktails. Enjoy straight from the can or pour over ice and dress it up. CHEERS!

bar quality, can convenience

Locally Sourced
Locally Sourced


A true cocktails potential, can only be achieved when the ingredients used in its creation are at the height of their class. Charcoal filtered Vodkas, island rums, botanical gins and barrel aged bourbons are cocktail tested and hand selected for perfect aromatics and mouthfeel. Ginger beer, tonics, orgeats, grenadine and other mixing agents are crafted by the hands of a Los Angeles master mixologist and single batch produced. Proof sources only freshly squeezed fruit juices, organically grown in coastal California orchards and are never flash pasteurized. Homemade pure cane sugar syrups and local herb infused bitters add a finishing a touch. Proof's use of premium ingredients allow you to enjoy these outstanding cocktails without preservatives!



Beaches, Poolside, Boats, BBQs,
Parks & More!


Single batch, Hand Blended to perfection

Single batching cocktails allows for each classic cocktail to be crafted with perfect balance, uptimum richness and allow for ultimate quality control per can. Each classic cocktail batch is cold stabilized to allow for true cocktail integration, lite filtered to remove oversized particles and slow carbonated to attain an effervescence that lasts.

Gentle mixing is used during caning to ensure that each can is the perfect realization of the overall cocktail. Samples are analyzed at each step of the process. Single tank blended in Sebastopol, CA and individually canned on-site by a "The Can Van". Like the best bars in America, attention to detail and precision crafting are key to the perfect cocktail.